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At SoxFootwear we provide a variety of socks which we believe will increase your daily performance irrespective of your career or walk of life. From sports to business we provide performance footwear guaranteed to always make you look and feel the part.

Our main focus was to create a sock with advanced fibre technology to ensure we provide your feet with the necessary support in key areas. Partnering with a highly respected local manufacturer, we’ve managed to achieve this while taking fashionable socks yet another step forward.

It's the SOX that keep us on the box.


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Performance Footwear

At SOX we are passionate and believe something as simple as a pair of socks can add to your quality of life, not only making you feel and look better but also enable you to perform better. True to our athlete heritage of producing some of the best international athletes in a competitive environment with limited resources. We are proud to produce SOX locally in South Africa at international quality and standards.